Sunday, September 21, 2008

“Week 1 of Waist Training” or "How to Successfully Add a week of Training to Your Schedule because of your Uncooperative Waistline!”

Welcome to the next installment of my waist training log. Week one started with a bump. My goal was to corset to a waist size of 27.5 inches / 69.8 cm for the week with mostly over-night corseting. Training started officially on Tuesday Sept 2nd.

Now I know some people might take the days before to eat a little extra & relax … but not this corset maker! I knew that the initial 27.5 measurement was what I would normally lace to after a few days of corseting. So I started with some pre-corseting on Sunday (3 hrs) and Monday (3hrs) at 28 inches/ 71 cm.

Sept Tuesday 2nd
So now it’s Day 1 of my waist training program!!! Yeah! Let’s go!
Corset schedule … a long 9 hrs at 27.25 inches / 69 cm with my full length corset as my under-bust corset is under construction.

Weigh-in in the morning – 162 lbs /73.4 kg
Have a breakfast of cereal & soymilk, blueberries & coffee.
Lunch of Kashi frozen dinner (300 cal) and 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese for a snack & herbal tea.
Get home from work & eagerly put on my corset and begin making dinner. But wait, there’s absolutely no way I can pull the laces to that measurement!! I try a couple times. Nope! It ain’t happening. I settle for 28 inches/71 cm
Another Kashi sweet & sour chicken frozen dinner & a tomato from my garden, but this time just a half serving. I couldn’t eat another bite! Hey this corset thing does work as far as making you eat less & feel full. Yes, your stomach is pushed up slightly by the lacing at the waist and so you feel full faster.

So before bed I attempt to lace down a bit more. No success. I do need to be able to sleep so I leave it at 28 inches and go to bed.

Corset wearing curiosity: Now sleeping in a corset, especially an overbust corset is an interesting experience. Your body naturally flattens out when you lay down. The corset keeps your ribs & organs from flattening out. You feel strangely conical! Also your breathing has to change. I normally breath from my abdomen when sleeping. The corset will now allow you to take a deep breath from below your waist. You can still take a full breath down to your abdomen but you must also breathe from the diaphragm.

Nice information but bad timing. I didn’t really want to find out that I’d be fighting the corset while sleeping when much of my wearing schedule is based on wearing the corset overnight! Solution – a dose of Advil PM comes to the rescue. I’m asleep in short order.

Wed Sept 3rd
Wake up at 5 AM and corset is still at 28 inches. Good – that means I tied my knots tight enough that it didn’t loosen over night.
Weight is the same as yesterday (expected) and my waist measurement after a few hours out of the corset is 29.5 inches. Do some morning yoga to wake up.
Breakfast – same as yesterday.
Lunch – small salad, salmon pattie and peach
Dinner is late 8pm because of a customer fitting appointment. I eat the other half of last night’s dinner! Felt very full on my small meal. However, I ate too close to bed time & tying to my weekly goal was AGAIN IMPOSSIBLE because I would be too uncomfortable to sleep. Advil PM again to help with sleeping.
Wore my corset a little more than the 9 hrs required – 5:30 PM to 4:30 AM at 28 inches.

Thursday Sept 4th
Morning – successfully corseted from 5pm – 5am at 27.75 inches/ 70.5 cm. The corset I’m wearing is closed at the back at this measurement so I’ll have to switch to another one to get any smaller measurements.
Breakfast – scrambled eggs w/ veggies, coffee
Lunch – snack of M&M’s, salad with salmon pattie, fruit
Dinner – Kefir. Not feeling hungry & have an SCA meeting to attend & some belly dancing to do.

This is my day off of corseting! A good night’s sleep is assured!

Friday Sept 5th
Aren’t you getting tired of reading my daily breakfast, lunch & dinner routine yet?
No? Darn! I was hoping not to reveal my digressions today. Okay then here’s the summary:

Breakfast – cereal, coffee, blueberries
Lunch – 3 slices of white pizza & diet pop (ooh the indulgence!)
Dinner – Kefir & black licorice. I’m not feeling hungry – have a sore stomach. Probably that pizza I ate for lunch.

My corset hurt to put on so I just laced it to 28 inches/71 cm. I wore it for 3 hours & then it became uncomfortable. I loosened it to 29 inches/ 73.6 cm and wore it for 9 hrs overnight.

Corseting Curiosity: Is this taking a day off of corseting really a good idea? Today’s been so difficult getting back into the routine.

Saturday Sept 6th
Up at 4:30 AM. Weight 162 / 73.4 kg, Waist in corset at 29 inches /73.6 Cm
Breakfast – shredded wheat & peaches, coffee.

Wait, its Saturday and I’m up at 4:30am!! What’s going on? Oh yeah, my company is moving a computer system move today & I have to be at work to test. Lucky me!
So uncorsetted and in a comfortable pair of track pants & a t-shirt I’m off for a Saturday at work. Let the junk food begin!!
Snacks – cherry Danish, peach, cookies, and small brownie – ooh I feel my waist inflating already!
Lunch – Chicken salad sandwich, small salad
Dinner – half a sandwich, grapes

Today’s schedule is 12 hrs at 27.25. Well we all know I haven’t made that measurement so far this week. So I’ve resolved to just continue with 28 inches / 71 cm for the first round of corseting & then progress down half an inch in each rotation from there. Realistically, I have to work the corset into my life & gradual is the way to go on any long term life style changes. Just like dieting, you do what you can & adjust along the way.

Sunday Sept 7th
Corseted over night at 28 inches / 71 cm from 5pm to 4am – stomach was too full to go any smaller. (No surprise there eh?). Loosed the corset at 4am & removed it at 6am.
Breakfast – eggs, kefir, coffee.
Lunch – half a sub sandwich, peach.
Dinner – at home after leaving the office. Yogurt & blackberries.

Today is another 12 hour day of corseting. This so far is the most difficult to work into an active day. I put the corset back on from 9am – 1pm at 28/71 Having some issues with lower back spasms with the corset off but I think that has more to do with sewing & my posture than with the corset. Noting it in case it appears again later.
Exercise: yoga & short walk & some yard work.
Then went into my nightly session from 9pm – 4:30am. So sort of 12 hrs broken up.

Monday Sept 8th – moving down a half inch
Weight: 160, Corset 28.5 inches/ 72 cm upon waking. My waist line is sneaking out during the night when I tie in back. I have better results if I tie off in front of the corset. Not the best long term solution, but it will do until I have my underbust corset.

Today’s goal is 4 hours at 27.5 inches / 69 cm – a half inch reduction from last week’s measurement. Now this is more like it! I should be able to get back on schedule.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner – the usual. Low fat, complex carbs, lean meats, fruit & veggies.
Exercise – 30 min on the stair master & some sit ups.
Decided to corset in the afternoon at work, so I put my corset on after I finished my lunch hour at the gym. However due to shoulder issues, I could not lace tighter than 28 inches without assistance. I’m sure my co-workers would have found it bizarre if I asked them to lace me down in the bathroom!

There was laundry to do after work so I didn’t get home until 7pm. The corset came off at that time.

Yes, you can do your laundry while in a full length corset!

Next installment - will include some photos!


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