Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Choosing a Fabric for Your Corset

Aside from style, one of the keys to a good match between you and your corset is your choice of fabric. Your choice of fabric should reflect these features:
  • Your intended use of the corset; is it for show or as a layered foundation garment?
  • How often you intend to wear the corset & for how long
  • What you will be doing when wearing the corset
  • Any special environment or care considerations for the fabric (eg. leather)
  • A fabric that reflects your color and texture preference
  • Cost considerations
If you are going to be wearing your corset under your clothing as a foundation garment for example, the fabric needs to hide under you most commonly worn colors (eg. not show under a white blouse) and have a tight weave so that it does not snag on clothing layers. Additionally, a single layer corset would be cooler than a multiple layered corset construction in this usage.

If you’re going to be wearing your corset for fancy dress and other special occasions, more delicate fabrics can be used in your corset. Satin, taffeta, lace, special trims, light weight leather and detailed brocades are all good choices.

What if you want your corset to be on the go with you for dancing, dating, live music and other events? Durability is a key concern along with a pleasing style. Fabrics with a tight weave won’t snag on your jeans, your coat zipper or other obstacles in your path! Leathers, corset coutils, tightly woven jacquards, cottons prints, leathers, and upholstery fabrics are all good choices here.

So when ordering a corset, make sure you discuss your intended use & activities of your corsetted self with your corset maker. This will help them in guiding you to the best selection of fabrics & styles to meet your needs.

Happy corsetting!


Kitty said...

Can a corset be for both under clothing and outerwear and still look fabulous?

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