Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spring in the Air?

Yesterday the wise ground hog of Pennsylvania advised that spring will be early this year! That's a welcome relief after having 2 weeks of snow storms.
What I do like about the winter months however is the opportunity to be inside working on sewing projects and household projects without feeling too much like I'm missing something outdoors.  Come summer I'll be wishing for a corset-making hut out under the trees. LOL!
So for now, I'll enjoy the bright light reflected off the snow into my sewing studio, the warmth of being indoors & watching the snow fly outside & the visit of the birds on their way to the bird feeder throughout the day. And I'll plan a few less visits to Joanne fabrics for miscellaneous sewing supplies if it means I have too much snow or ice to remove from the car!
If you need another reason to celebrate -- it's also the Chinese New Year - snow or no snow!  Cheers! 

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